What would you do with your own New Jersey Net for an hour?

For $25,000, you can have one come to your house, your office or your party -- plus four courtside tickets for 10 games, parking, access to a private lounge, free food and drinks.

I gave my ideas on what I'd do with mine. Here's yours.

(The best idea is last.)

Reader Submissions:

I would take him to the movie and sit in front of the most annoying person. -- Pat Schneider (Nashville)

Tie a tether ball around his head and invite the neighborhood kids over to play. -- Barry (Santa Cruz, Calif.)

I'd challenge him to a race inside a parking structure. He'd have to duck every 12 feet because of the support beams (which are only 6'6") and I would bask in the glory of dominating a professional athlete. -- Giancarlo Brutocao (Los Angeles)

Take him to "College Gameday" and get my sign above all the rest. -- Nate Martin (Lewisburg, Pa.)

Prank call Kobe... for the entire hour. -- Jared Trant (Dallas)

Spend an hour in the pool as undefeated champion of chicken. -- Mike (Bloomington, Ind.)

Have him sit next to me in one of the courtside seats so he could get a true sense of how bad of a decision it was to drop $25K on the nonsense Nets. -- Andrew May (Dallas)

And the winner is --

Have (7-foot) Yi Jianlian carry me around in a Baby Bjorn. -- J.T. (Asheville, N.C.)

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