Too Short For A Column

One of the best moments for athletes who appear on "Homecoming," the one-hour lets-look-at-your-life show I host on ESPN, is the day they spend visiting their old school, their old house, their old hood.

If you watch the Chris Paul Homecoming Tuesday night (9 p.m. ET, on ESPN), you'll see how the New Orleans Hornet superstar's eyes lit up when he returned to the old basketball court his dad built for he and his brother, Charles, in Winston-Salem, NC. The two of them immediately began re-creating the hours-long battles they had on it as kids. (Of course, now that Paul is among the five best players in the NBA, the re-creation turned out to be as one-sided as the Falklands War.)

"Show me the best H-O-R-S-E shot you ever made here," I asked of Paul.

He immediately grabbed the ball and headed to the back porch, which had to be 75 feet away and straight up a very steep hill.

And then this happened.

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