Too Short For A Column

The NCAA basketball tournament might expand to 96 teams? For the love of Ali Farokhmanesh, no!

Do you really want a bracket that doesn't fit on your computer screen? Do you really want to utter the sentence, "Austin Peay is definitely on the bubble at 9-19"? Do you want to hear, "We're in the Fabulous 48!"

Bigger is not better. For instance, here's 10 Things That Did NOT Get Better with Expansion:

• Germany

• Kirstie Alley

• Hydrogen

• The NHL

• Academy Award Best Picture nominees this year ("An Education"? Really?)

• Octomom

• Star Wars

• NBA All-Star Weekend

• The 1958 Ford T-Bird

• Christmas

It's going to kill the conference championships, it's going to kill the office pools and it's going to kill Dick Vitale.

Don't. Do. It.

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