My Bloodiest Bouts

1. Jay Hieron vs. Jonathan Goulet
You know when you get excited and you see that big artery between your eyes? Well, Jay Hieron ended up getting that cut. It's wasn't a big cut, maybe a half an inch, but he severed that artery, and it just kind of poured out. Both fighters had blood from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet, front and back. Of all the fights I've ever worked, this was the bloodiest.

2. Edwin DeWees vs. Gideon Ray
During one of the Ultimate Fighter reality shows, DeWees got cut pretty bad. His hair is blonde, and by the time he finished that fight it was completely red.

3. Raul Marquez vs. Keith Mullings
When it comes to boxing, this is the bloodiest fight that I ever worked. Marquez ended up with five cuts and 75 stitches and he ended up retaining his world title. I kept him in the game with that. He was a mess. And you know the sucker never gave me a bonus! Ain't that a bitch? Saved his ass and he's a world champion and he never gave me a bonus. Story of my life.

4. Evan Tanner vs. David Loiseau
Tanner ended up with five cuts throughout the top of his head and on his face. He had blood everywhere. It was to the point where my partner Leon Tabbs, the cutman that works on the other side of the octagon, came in and gave me a helping hand.

5. Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
This is the fight I'm most proud of. Griffin ended up with a big 'ole gash right between his eyes. I put the whole kitchen sink into him. It was one of my best jobs. And you know what, I got a bonus for that one.