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The B.S. Report: 6/11 - Play | Download
June 11, 2009
Erin Andrews joins Bill Simmons to talk about sideline reporting, the College World Series, Big Papi and her desire to be on Dancing with the Stars. Plus, JackO on Red Sox-Yankees.

The B.S. Report: 6/10 - Play | Download
June 10, 2009
Bill Simmons discusses the proper execution of the tailgating experience with grill master Adam Perry Lang. Plus, what are some of the most underrated and overrated meats?

The B.S. Report: 6/9 - Play | Download
June 9, 2009
Bill Simmons and JackO discuss the Yankees and Red Sox. Who will win the series this week? Plus, House joins the guys to help pitch some reality television ideas.

The B.S. Report: 6/8 - Play | Download
June 8, 2009
Bill Simmons and Rob Stone break down the international soccer scene. How will the U.S. fare in the 2010 World Cup? Was the David Beckham experiment worth it for MLS?

The B.S. Report: 6/5 - Play | Download
June 5, 2009
Bill Simmons and Matthew Berry break down the Lakers Game 1 win, the Kobe face and more.

The B.S. Report: 6/3 - Play | Download
June 3, 2009
Bill Simmons talks to "The Logo" of the NBA, Jerry West, about the era of basketball he played in. Jerry also makes his Finals prediction and tries to fix the NBA draft lottery.

The B.S. Report: 6/2 - Play | Download
June 2, 2009
Bill Simmons and Ric Bucher agree that despite some bad officiating and the league's overreaction to physical play, the right two teams are in the NBA Finals.

The B.S. Report: 6/1 - Play | Download
June 1, 2009
Bill Simmons discusses the fortunes of the Red Sox and Yankees with JackO and reality television with Dave Jacoby.

The B.S. Report: 5/27 - Play | Download
May 27, 2009
Bill Simmons talks with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about the media, his blog, the state of the economy and more.

The B.S. Report: 5/25 - Play | Download
May 25, 2009
Bill Simmons gets three half-baked ideas from his friend Kevin Wildes.

The B.S. Report: 5/22 - Play | Download
May 22, 2009
Bill Simmons and J.A. Adande talk Lakers-Nuggets, Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant's future.

The B.S. Report: 5/20 - Play | Download
May 20, 2009
Bill and JackO talk about the resurgent Yankees, Big Papi's struggles, the captain Derek Jeter and much more.

The B.S. Report: 5/18 - Play | Download
May 18, 2009
Spoiler alert! Bill Simmons breaks down the season finale of "Lost" with Gus Ramsey and the latest on "Survivor" with Dave Jacoby.

The B.S. Report: 5/15 - Play | Download
May 16, 2009
In Part 2, Bill Simmons and Dave Dameshek talk basketball and get set for two Game 7s in the NBA. Plus, their thoughts on some classic '80s movies.

The B.S. Report: 5/15 - Play | Download
May 15, 2009
In Part 1, Bill Simmons and Dave Dameshek discuss their plan to fix hockey, the Stanley Cup trophy, celebrity run-ins and more.

The B.S. Report: 5/14 - Play | Download
May 14, 2009
Bill Simmons talks about Kevin Garnett, sports injuries and statistics with injury expert and stats guru Will Carroll.

The B.S. Report: 5/12 - Play | Download
May 12, 2009
Bill Simmons talks to Jeff Van Gundy about Magic-Celtics and the physical play in the NBA playoffs.

The B.S. Report: 5/11 - Play | Download
May 11, 2009
Bill Simmons breaks down the NBA playoffs with House and checks in with JackO for his thoughts on Manny Ramirez's suspension.

The B.S. Report: 5/8 - Play | Download
May 8, 2009
Bill Simmons talks with Rockets GM Daryl Morey about the physical series with the Lakers, Bill's campaign to be Minnesota's GM, Manny Ramirez's suspension and more.

The B.S. Report: 5/6 - Play | Download
May 6, 2009
Bill Simmons makes his case to be GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves and talks with writer Matt Taibbi about professional sports, the economy and the future of writing.