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Mike Greenberg/Buster OlneyESPNRadio.comMike Greenberg and Buster Olney host Mike & Mike together on Friday.

With Mike Greenberg and Buster Olney

ESPN NBA insider Chris Broussard says LeBron James didn't have his normal swagger in Game 6. James put up some good numbers, but they were very hollow. Broussard says the Celtics may be the best team in the league right now. Chris Broussard

ESPN NBA analyst Avery Johnson says LeBron James realized after Game 3 that he just didn't have the team around him to get the job done and the massive pressure to get the job done himself did him in. Avery Johnson

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst says the Cavs aren't anywhere near a championship right now, which is the biggest obstacle to keeping LeBron James. The team might actually be regressing. Brian Windhorst

CNBC's Darren Rovell says the biggest market for LeBron James is not in New York. The biggest market is China and the only way for LeBron James to be big there is to win titles. Darren Rovell

ESPN NBA analyst Jon Barry says the LeBron James he saw in Game 6 was not mentally involved in the game. In terms of possible future destinations for James, Chicago is the closest to a title. Jon Barry

Phoenix Suns GM Steve Kerr updates the status of Steve Nash's eye, explains how the Suns can combat the Lakers' size and describes what the free agent summer will be like in the NBA. Steve Kerr


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