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ESPN NBA insider Chris Broussard says he thinks LeBron James is leaning towards staying in Cleveland. Chris Bosh wants to play with James but would rather do it in a bigger city than Cleveland. Chris Broussard's Ian O'Connor likes the Amare Stoudemire signing for the New York Knicks. The Knicks are also trying to get LeBron James or Dwyane Wade to sign with them this year and then Carmelo Anthony next year. Ian O'Connor

ESPN MLB insider Jayson Stark says he doesn't see the benefit of every team being represented in the MLB All-Star Game. Plus, Stark says if the Twins can land Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee in a trade, they will be the team to beat. Jayson Stark

ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen says he believes that JaMarcus Russell can be suspended if he doesn't submit himself to the league's drug policies. After this incident, any team that was considering picking him up is thinking twice now. Chris Mortensen

Hall of Famer Dick Vitale says he doesn't think that every team should be represented in the MLB All-Star Game. It should be the best players. Plus, Vitale weighs in on NBA free agency. Dick Vitale


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