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• In the Monday Morning Quarterback, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic discuss every Sunday NFL game and explain why the winners won and the losers lost.
Monday Morning QB

ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio says Eagles players were blown away by Michael Vick's performance on Sunday. Plus, Paolantonio explains why Kevin Kolb could be out for a while and why Andy Reid could have a tough decision in the coming weeks. Sal Paolantonio

ESPN NFL analyst Cris Carter explains the mistake Lions WR Calvin Johnson made after catching the ball in the end zone. As a receiver, you're taught to be able to toss the ball to the official. If you can do that, you know it's a touchdown. Cris Carter

Pro Football Hall of Famer Roger Staubach says he was not happy watching his Cowboys lose Sunday night. All the talent is there in Dallas, it's just a matter of bringing it all together. Roger Staubach

ESPN NFL analyst Mike Ditka says even he wasn't aware of the catch rule that cost Calvin Johnson a touchdown on Sunday. Ditka also says he liked the way the Houston Texans got physical with the Indianapolis Colts. Mike Ditka

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees explains why the players did their show of solidarity during Thursday's Saints-Vikings game. Plus, Brees says he isn't taking the 49ers lightly, even though they weren't good in Week 1. Drew Brees

ESPN MLB analyst John Kruk says he thinks the Minnesota Twins will win their division, but they don't have the pitching to get the best record in the AL. John Kruk

ESPN MLB insider Buster Olney says no team in baseball has a bigger home field advantage than the Colorado Rockies and they are charging again. Buster Olney


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