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With Mike Golic and Buster Olney's Richard Durrett describes the events leading to a Rangers fan falling to his death trying to catch a foul ball. Durrett says there was shock after the game and Texas' locker room was closed to media. Listen

A's pitcher Brad Ziegler was in the bullpen and heard the conscious Rangers fan ask for paramedics to check on his son before he was pronounced dead. Ziegler says it's a surreal feeling and Josh Hamilton did nothing wrong. Listen

ESPN NFL Insider Sal Paolantonio says the two sides in the NFL lockout are very close to resolving the new revenue model. He says the sticking point is free agency and right of first refusal. Listen

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter says the NFL has a deadline in mind so it doesn't lose preseason games. Progress has been made on economics, but it's still fragile. Schefter expects Kevin Kolb to be traded once moves can be made. Listen's Ian O'Connor, who wrote a book on Derek Jeter, says criticism of Jeter extends back to his contract negotiations. O'Connor thinks Jeter should be honored at this time. He talks about Jeter being unable to handle criticism. Listen

ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler weighs in on Deron Williams considering playing overseas. Legler thinks a lot could happen in two months, and he doesn't expect many players to make that jump, especially if there could be part of a season. Listen


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