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Cuban/NowitzkiJoe Murphy/NBAE/Getty ImagesColin Cowherd thinks now is the time MLB needs an owner like Mark Cuban (center).

With a number of MLB teams having financial issues, especially the Dodgers and Mets, why hasn't baseball let Mark Cuban in as an owner? He makes perfect sense. Colin Cowherd can't figure out who's allowed to own teams. Listen

ESPN's Curt Schilling would love to play for an owner like Mark Cuban, but old school thinking makes MLB afraid to bring in someone as progressive as Cuban. Plus, LeBron is getting bad advice from his inner circle. Listen

ESPN the Magazine's Ric Bucher says watching LeBron in the clutch was a tragedy. The friendship between LeBron and Dwyane Wade might be getting in the way of competition. Listen

USC QB Matt Barkley talks about handling the program being on probation and how the team uses it as motivation. The perceptions of Lane Kiffin shape how people judge him. Barkley has learned a lot about play calling from Kiffin. Listen

Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi believes the "temperature" is good now for a deal to get done. Not all owners are billionaires, so games need to be played. Lombardi says the 18-game schedule is off the table. Listen

Spanning the Globe covers the NFL (overnight meetings?), Derek Jeter's calf injury as he approaches 3,000 hits and the Dodgers payroll. Spanning the Globe

• Colin Cowherd shares two amusing stories. Two for the Road


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