Show in review

Drew Rosenhaus Al Messerschmidt/Getty ImagesDrew Rosenhaus had strong words in The Herd on Friday about the NFL CBA

• Colin Cowherd looks back one year later at "The Decision". Cowherd thinks it was great for the NBA like gambling is great for the NFL, although neither league will ever admit it. Listen

Spanning the Globe covers Derek Jeter, the NFL and Kerry Collins retirement. Listen

ESPN MLB analyst Orel Hershiser says he never had a personal problem with umpires. Also, Hershiser says umpires need to be more responsible about arguing with players and managers. Listen

ESPN NBA Insider Marc Stein talks about the possibility of NBA players following Deron Williams to Europe in the case of a lockout. Listen

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus thinks expanding the right of first refusal beyond the franchise tag is a bad thing for the players. Listen

Arizona Diamondbacks executive Luis Gonzalez talks about Mariano Rivera's remarkable longevity. Plus Gonzalez talks about the state of umpiring in baseball. Listen

• Colin Cowherd shares two amusing stories in Two for the Road. Listen


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