Final countdown

Cowherd & GolicESPNRadio.comColin Cowherd settles in as Mike Golic wraps up his show.

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Colin Cowherd says nothing has changed with the Peyton Manning story. Some doctors cleared Peyton Manning to play and said he could play this week if the nerves had regenerated. But they haven't. Manning is just a bridge to the next era at this point in his career. Listen

In Spanning the Globe, Colin Cowherd breaks down Super Bowl XLVI and the latest on Peyton Manning. Listen

Colin had a successful year with his Blazing Five picks. To wrap up the season Colin picks the Giants to cover but the Patriots to win a close one: Patriots 28, Giants 27. Listen

Cowherd & Reilly
ESPNRadio.comRick Reilly joins The Herd.

ESPN's Rick Reilly talks about Indianapolis' performance as the Super Bowl host city, Tim Tebow's future, the Peyton Manning saga and the recent criticism of Tom Brady. Plus, he predicts the Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI. Pick: Giants. Listen

Former NFL RB Warrick Dunn says he likes the Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI because coach Bill Belichick has had two weeks to prepare. Plus, it's a revenge game and Patriots QB Tom Brady won't lose again to the Giants. Pick: Patriots. Listen

Andy Dalton
ESPNRadio.comAndy Dalton joins The Herd.

Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton says he thinks Super Bowl XLVI will be more of a defensive battle than most people think. If he had the choice, Dalton says he'd rather face a great secondary than a great pass rush. At least he would have time to try to find a receiver. Pick: Patriots. Listen

Former NFL star Chris Doleman talks about the value of Patriots DT Vince Wilfork. Doleman says the teams are pretty even and it will come down to a chess match between the coaches. Listen

Christian Ponder
ESPNRadio.comChristian Ponder joins the Herd.

Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder shares his thoughts on Patriots QB Tom Brady and Giants QB Eli Manning. Ponder picks the Giants to win the Super Bowl and also discusses Panthers QB Cam Newton and Broncos QB Tim Tebow. Pick: Giants. Listen

Green Bay Packers TE Jermichael Finley gives credit to the Giants, but he feels like the Packers beat themselves in the game in the playoffs. Finley says he likes the Patriots to win. He also talks about what it's like to play with a high ankle strain. Pick: Patriots. Listen's RJ Bell says in the Super Bowl, the public money has more influence than the professional money. The public has been backing the New York Giants, while the wise guys like the New England Patriots at the current number. Listen

Bill Romanowski
ESPNRadio.comBill Romanowski joins The Herd.

Former NFL LB Bill Romanowski talks about what Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski can do to try to quickly heal his high ankle sprain. Romanowski says he expects the Giants to win convincingly. Pick: Giants. Listen

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank says if the NFL adds a team, they'll have to add two teams to keep a balanced schedule. Blank says eventually, he believes there will definitely be a team in Los Angeles. International growth is a much hotter topic amongst owners. Listen


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