Meet the Mike & Mike Staff

Who works behind the scenes to help Greeny and Golic get on the air?

Updated: November 21, 2014, 2:27 PM ET


Ray Necci - Producer
Time at ESPN: Started in August 1999
College: La Salle University
Hometown: East Hartford, Connecticut
Favorite Teams: New York Mets, Manchester United, New England Patriots, Hartford Whalers, Boston Celtics and all University of Connecticut teams
Nickname: For some reason, everyone calls me Ray (except Greeny, who uses Raymond, my real name)
Twitter: @raymanjr

Brendan Peregrin - Board Operator
Time at ESPN: Started in January 2006
College: Fordham University
Hometown: Avon, Connecticut
Favorite Teams: New York Mets, Dallas Cowboys and Duke Blue Devils
Nickname: Bubba
Dog: Ted
Twitter: @BubbaTheGlue

Steve Ceruti - Associate Producer
Time at ESPN: Started in February 2011
College: Quinnipiac University
Hometown: Southington, Connecticut
Favorite Teams: Orlando Magic, A.S. Roma, Everton and San Francisco 49ers
Nickname: Cerutes and League Pass Steve (formerly Quinnipiac Steve)
Twitter: @SJCeruti


Kristen Balboni - Researcher
Time at ESPN: I started at ESPN in June 2011 and was lucky enough to begin working on Mike & Mike in August of that year
College: UNC-Chapel Hill (go Heels!)
Hometown: Pinehurst, North Carolina
Favorite Teams: Boston Red Sox, Carolina Panthers and my North Carolina Tar Heels (of course)
Nickname: Balbiz
Twitter: @KristenBalboni

More from Kristen: I can do the worm and I once won a trip to Hawaii. I swear.


Seth Horwitz - Producer
Meet Seth: I have been a part of the TV side of Mike & Mike since the simulcast began in 2004. It has been very cool to see the show grow in so many ways. Proof of how big the show is can be found in the prime parking spot I get every day at 3 a.m. I'm a transplanted Chicagoan and I still hold true to those sports loyalties. Couldn't have picked a better time to come of age than during the Bulls' championship runs of the '90s and the Bears' dominance in Super Bowl XX. As for the Cubs... I've been at ESPN since 2000 when I started as a 21-year-old prodigy. Feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Dave Froias - Studio Video Operator
College: New England Institute of Technology
Hometown: Warren, Rhode Island
Years at ESPN: Over 15
Favorite teams: Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots
More from Dave: I was born and raised in Rhode Island and have been with ESPN since I was 20. Just walked in to drop a resume off and had the job a few weeks later. I am also a volunteer wrestling coach at a high school in Connecticut.

D. Windham Vance - Editorial Graphics Producer
Time at ESPN: Started in November 2002
College: Mississippi State University (BA 1999)
Hometown: Batesville, Mississippi
Favorite teams: Mississippi State, Boston Red Sox, Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres
Nicknames: Dawg, Dubya, Dubs and Big Dub
Twitter: @CTMSUDawg

Mark Greaves - Preditor (Producer/Editor)
Time at ESPN: Started in October 1997
College: Central Connecticut State University
Hometown: Southington, Connecticut
Favorite teams: New York Yankees, New York Giants and UConn
More: I've been involved as an editor for the TV side of Mike & Mike since the beginning. From 2008-2013, I produced and edited the daily Best of Mike & Mike on ESPN2. Now I put together the hourly teases, Mike & Mike Throwbacks and Best of the Week segments. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, playing guitar and being with my wife and three kids, Molly, Sadie and Mark Jr.

Mo Williams - Associate Operator (Hard Camera and Jib)
College: Saint Paul's in Lawrenceville, Virginia
Favorite teams: New York Mets, Dallas Cowboys, Florida Gators and Los Angeles Lakers
More from Mo: I have been at ESPN since 1998 and was born and raised in Bristol. I love playing PS3 and pool and my favorite dish is surf 'n' turf.


Frank Dale - Digital Audio Content Editor
Time at ESPN: Since September 2008
College: The George Washington University
Favorite teams: New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, George Washington Colonials, Notre Dame Fighting Irish football and Everton
More from Frank: Follow me on Twitter.


Liam's Mum - Contributor
Years at ESPN: None
Favorite teams: Brewers
Favorite ballpark: Busch Stadium
Favorite NASCAR driver: Clint Bowyer (formerly sponsored by Jack Daniels)
Hobbies: Knocking back some pints and Twitter.