SportsNation on ESPN Radio: What do you think of the Mitchell report?

What do you think of the Mitchell report? How will it impact MLB? Discuss during SportsNation (4-6:30 ET). Conversation

Updated: December 12, 2007, 12:52 PM ET

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Major League Baseball is expected to release the Mitchell report to the public Thursday afternoon. How will you react if a player from your favorite team is named in the report? Will you forever deem them a cheater, just be disappointed or not even care? And what should MLB do to players named in the report? Suspensions, fines, nothing? We want to know what SportsNation thinks of the Mitchell Report!

Voice your opinion and discuss it all here with your fellow listeners during SportsNation on ESPN Radio! John and Orestes will be following the discussion and the best comments may be read on air.

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