SportsNation on ESPN Radio: Does Week 17's Giants-Pats game mean anything?

Does Week 17's Giants-Pats game mean anything now? Discuss during SportsNation (4-6:30 ET). Conversation

Updated: January 21, 2008, 1:45 PM ET

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Just a month ago the Patriots and Giants faced off in Week 17 of the regular season. A record number of viewers watched the New England's 38-35 victory, which capped off the first 16-0 season. But the Giants had the Pats on the ropes the entire game and even led in the fourth quarter. Since the game, the Giants have won three playoff games on the road, while New England has struggled with their two playoff games against Jacksonville and San Diego. Does that game give you any indication that the Giants have a shot at winning the Super Bowl, or is it irrelevant because it was the last week of the regular season? Let us know -- we're reading comments on air. Tell us what you think SportsNation!

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