SportsNation on ESPN Radio: What worries the Patriots and Giants?

What worries the Patriots and Giants? Discuss during SportsNation on ESPN Radio (4-6:30 ET). Conversation

Updated: January 29, 2008, 1:09 PM ET

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As we sit five days away from Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots and Giants are finalizing their game plans. What should each team be worried about heading into Super Bowl Sunday? Are the Patriots afraid of Plaxico Burress having another big game? Should they be concerned with the amount of confidence the Giants have shown throughout the playoffs? What about the Giants? Are they more focused on shutting down the Patriots' passing attack or making sure Eli Manning doesn't make mental mistakes? Tell us what both teams should be concerned with as they prepare for the big game! Let us know -- we're reading comments on air. Tell us what you think SportsNation!

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