Bracket Wager Ideas

Updated: March 13, 2008, 10:03 AM ET

Golic's had his eyebrows waxed. Greeny's dressed as a leprechaun and milked a cow. What will the wager be this year? Check out just some of the many suggestions we've received.

Chad Pennington
AP Photo/Al BehrmanChad Pennington could probably use some flowers from Greeny.

  • The loser should grow a month-long mustache.

  • The loser should enter a competitive eating event.

  • The loser should shave his head or dye his hair.

  • If he loses, Greeny should deliver dozen roses to Chad Pennington's home dressed as a woman.

  • The loser should be a part of a NASCAR pit crew.

  • The loser should go hunting and bass fishing.

  • The loser should dress as woman and go to a Notre Dame game.

  • If Golic loses, he should wear a dress or a pink tutu for a week.

  • If Greeny loses, he must block Golic.

  • If he loses, Greeny must be a garbage man for a day.

  • If Greeny loses, he should let a guy lick his entire face.

  • If Golic loses this year's bracket wager, he should be forced to write a poem professing his love for Brady Quinn -- and then read this poem to Brady.

  • If Golic losses, he kisses Brady Quinn's feet.

  • The loser should get his belly button pierced.

  • The loser should get a shot of botox in his forehead.

    If Greeny loses, he must do a live broadcast from the nearest subway public bathroom and have no sanitary products available to him.

  • Greeny should mud wrestle and get body slamemd by a former juiced-up wrestler.

  • If Greeny loses, he will have to wrestle a male wrestler in a pool of chocolate pudding for at least two minutes.

  • If Golic loses, he has to get in the ring with Butterbean.

  • Since Greeny can't shave his head, if he loses, make him grow his hair out. No haircut for six months.

  • If Greeny loses, he has to clean a men's bathroom at a gas station.

    Britney Spears
    AP Photo/Mark J. TerrillA whole day with Britney Spears?

  • If Golic loses, he has to wear the Borat swimsuit.

  • If he loses, Greeny must operate a forklift at a construction site.

  • If he loses, Greeny can't shower for a week.

  • The loser has to spend a day with Britney Spears.

  • The loser has to take over the other's diet for a week.

  • Golic must go on a vegetarian diet for a week and even keep a food diary.

  • Loser must spend one full day in prison.

  • If Greeny loses, he has to eat a hissing cockroach.

  • The loser should follow around the "Jackass" cast and do at least three stunts with them.

  • If Golic loses, he should carve his son's number into his head for his first game.

  • The loser must sing the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game in front of 40,000 people.

  • If he loses, Golic must do a singing cameo in an actual Broadway show or perform with the Rockettes.

  • If Greeny loses, he has to change the oil in a car, maybe his own.

  • If Golic loses, he will have to record a workout video in only a thong on air (which can subsequently be auctioned off for charity).

  • If Golic wins, Greeny has to scrub every square inch of Golic's bathroom, no gloves allowed.

  • If Greeny wins, Golic gets a visit from the guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for a make-over on the air.

  • If Greeny loses, he should get in the ring with a sumo wrestler.

    [+] EnlargeSpider
    Jeff Haynes/Getty ImagesYum.

  • Greeny must clean Bob Costas' home.

  • Golic must fast for two full hours.

  • If Golic loses, he has to eat a live goldfish. If Greeny loses, he has to eat five spiders.

  • Golic must stand on a street corner in the heart of Times Square in a diaper asking people for spare change.

  • If Greeny loses, he goes camping overnight in a tent no electrics, no creams -- just like they used to in the old days.

  • If Greeny loses, he should have to walk along a 15 foot path of hot coal's in his bare feet.

  • If he loses, Greeny must interview Bob Knight and ask at least 20 questions about Indiana, after Bob Knight tells him to stop.

  • If he loses, Greeny must go fishing with Bill Belichick -- just the two of them alone on a boat.

  • The loser must dance with the Chippendales.

  • If he loses, Golic must swim in a bathtub full of chocolate pudding without eating any of it.

  • If he loses, Greeny has to kiss a farm animal on the mouth.

  • If Greeny wins, Golic must be a servant to Greeny for a full week.

  • The loser must give the winner a pedicure on the air.