Top Shots At The French Open

6 days ago

From Maria Sharapova to Serena Williams, from the yellow ball to the red clay, a daily look at Roland Garros and the players who are leaving their mark at the 2015 French Open. Read more ...

After The Seven Summits

18 minutes ago

A group of Nepali women first defied the odds by summiting Mount Everest, then six of the tallest mountains in the world. Now they are up against their tallest challenge: rebuilding their country after two devastating earthquakes. Read more ...

Megan Betsa's Confidence Gives Michigan Winning Edge

7 hours ago

If Thursday was an audition for the role of championship-caliber ace, Michigan's Megan Betsa looked like a natural after tossing a four-hit shutout vs. Alabama -- the first shutout of the WCWS. Read more ...

Bama falls to Michigan in opening round

7 hours ago

Alabama is defeated by Michigan 5-0 in the opening round of the 2015 WCWS.