10 classic Caroline Wozniacki moments

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We have a feeling Caroline Wozniacki will find a way to have some fun on her birthday.

In honor of Caroline Wozniacki's 24th birthday today, we look back at some of the tennis star's most entertaining moments.

Wimbledon Woz

During Wimbledon in 2011, Wozniacki crashed Novak Djokovic's news conference and posed as a reporter asking questions about his one-match losing streak and ... Caroline Wozniacki. The joke continued until she was awkwardly dragged out by a PR rep.

Taking her talents to South Beach

Shortly after her breakup with golfer Rory McIlroy in May of this year, Woz did what any self-respecting woman would do after a broken engagement -- she headed to Miami for a weekend of fun in the sun with her girlfriends. Unlike most of her brokenhearted peers, however, Wozniacki's circle included Serena Williams. The duo was spotted everywhere from the NBA's Eastern Conference finals to the beach.

Pranking fail

Prior to the start of Indian Wells in 2012, Woz tried to prank Maria Sharapova. She was not successful.

Pink hair, don't care

During the Par 3 tournament at the 2014 Masters, Wozniacki -- and her brand-new pink hair -- came to caddie for then-beau McIlroy. The famous couple and her shocking new 'do turned a lot of heads, including that of Condoleezza Rice. While the former secretary of state didn't publicly comment, her smile makes us think she approved of the look.

And somehow her hair wasn't even her most shocking moment of the day. Wozniacki completely stunned the crowd when she made a 30-foot putt that landed her on "SportsCenter." Not too shabby.

Grunting match

During a 2011 exhibition, Wozniacki and her opponent, Kim Clijsters, had some fun at the expense of many of their peers by loudly -- and hilariously -- screaming after every shot.

Photo finish?

Before the demise of our beloved Wozilroy, Wozniacki provided LOLs around the world as she posted a picture of a sleeping and apparently VERY jet-lagged McIlroy on Twitter. The picture was so unflattering that it sparked widespread speculation that McIlroy broke up with her as a result. In reality, the two didn't separate until several months later. Thankfully for us, the picture still lives online for our continued enjoyment.

Woz knows

During the 2011 Australian Open, Wozniacki had heard some members of the media were griping about her "boring" interviews. She responded by interviewing herself in her news conference and then asking reporters to ask more interesting questions.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

A week after getting dumped over the phone, Wozniacki changed her Twitter avatar to a bewitching photo of her stirring up some sort of magical brew that she had originally posted around Halloween. While it could have been some sort of #TBT or #FlashbackFriday attempt, the masses immediately speculated she had put a curse on her ex. Perhaps unsurprisingly, McIlroy -- who had been the leader after the first round at the Memorial -- struggled mightily on the course and shot 6-over in the second round, just hours after the post. He finished the tournament tied for 15th place.

Moral of the story: Don't get on Wozniacki's bad side.

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