Arielle Gold trains the youth movement

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"When it comes to Sochi, I think it’s anyone’s game," says 17-year-old Arielle Gold.

There are a few things that help snowboarder Arielle Gold, the 2013 World Champion and X Games bronze medalist, master the high-flying tricks and skills she needs in the halfpipe. Surprisingly, the first one isn't a piece of equipment or a mental tactic. It's her older brother, Taylor, who at 20 is also a top snowboarder who has his eyes on Sochi.

"Taylor is super good moral support for me. He definitely helps calm me down when I'm feeling stressed, and isn't afraid to tell me to stop being a wimp," Arielle says, "Also, when he is riding well, it definitely makes me push myself."

Although the final team for Sochi hasn't been named, the siblings are in strong positions to wear red, white and blue in Sochi.

Here's a look at Arielle in training.

Riding x 2

Winter is all about riding. I typically head to the hill around 9 a.m., and leave around 12 or 1. In the summer, I go to the gym almost every day for about two hours. The rest of the day, I like to ride my horses. Sometimes I will search for a new place to go on a trail ride, or go running in the fields or jumping in the arena. It sort of depends on how I'm feeling.

Legs and abs

At the gym, my goal is to build strength throughout my entire body. If there are any muscle groups I emphasize, it's probably my core and legs. I definitely spend a lot of time doing squat variations, and lots of different core exercises.

Grab on

One of the stronger parts of my snowboarding is my grabs. I try to learn every trick that I do with a grab, and if I don't grab a certain trick, I usually won't use it in contest until I do. That said, one of my weaknesses is my variety of grabs. While I do grab most of my tricks, I also do the same grab (a mute grab) a lot, so I'd like to mix it up a bit.

Dream dinner

I try to eat as healthy as I can, but I definitely have some weaknesses. I'm a huge fan of banana cream pie, and I really like a good steak, and maybe some artichoke.

Eyes and ears

I spend at least 10 minutes a day visualizing the tricks I know, the tricks I want to learn, and my full runs. I also like to listen to music before and during contests. It can definitely help change my mood, whether I need to relax, or get stoked!

Youth rules

Being 17 years old -- and usually the youngest in the competition – doesn't intimidate me at all. If anything, I really like it. It seems to help keep some of the pressure off, and I'm able to focus on just having fun and riding to the best of my ability.

Mainly, I just want to be happy with the way that I am riding and enjoy snowboarding. I think that if I can land runs that I'm happy with, and have fun doing it, everything else will work itself out.

When it comes to Sochi, I think it's anyone's game. I think there is a possibility of me going, but I'm trying not to focus too much on that. I just want to focus on each individual contest, and doing the best that I can when I'm there.

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