Getting in deep with Mirinda Carfrae

In the Pro's Questionnaire, our favorite sports figures take our abridged version of the most famous personality test, the Proust Questionnaire. Professional triathlete Mirinda Carfrae is up next. This Australian native and 15-time Ironman 70.3 champion is preparing for the Ironman World Championships in Kona on Oct. 8.

What is your idea of happiness?
Mirinda Carfrae: Doing something I love and surrounding myself with family, friends and supporters who I have chosen to have in my life.

Your idea of misery?
MC: Working an office job. I love the outdoors, so anything outside of the sports area would be miserable for me. When I first started triathlons, I had a part-time job at a place called Bunnings [in Australia], which is like a Home Depot, and I sold barbecue grills and outdoor settings.

Your main fault?
MC: I'm not a people pleaser, but I do go out of my way to try to keep everyone around me happy.

If not yourself, who would you like to be?
MC: A professional surfer. I love the ocean and it's a great summer sport. Surfers get up in the morning, surf and hang out all day. It sounds like a pretty cool occupation to me.

Hero or heroine you admire the most?
MC: Growing up I played basketball, so Michael Jordan was my hero and still is. In the triathlon world, it would have to be Loretta Harrop. She won a silver medal in triathlon at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. She is definitely the gold standard in triathlons for me.

Favorite food and drink?
MC: I love a good mojito. Also, there's nothing better than a big, dirty burger with lots of ketchup, mushrooms and onions after a hard race or a hard day's training. Oh, and don't forget the fries.

What do you hate the most?
MC: Ignorant people and inconsiderate drivers. I especially hate inconsiderate drivers when I'm out cycling.

Talent you would like to possess?
MC: I would like to be able to sing. I like to sing but it doesn't sound very good.

Greatest fear?
MC: I fear drowning. When I think about the big, deep, blue ocean it doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. I'm quite terrified of deep water. However, I don't get that fear when I'm racing.

Greatest extravagance?
MC: I just bought a lot of land. That's the most expensive thing I own. Also, I love jewelry, but because I train so much, I barely get to wear it.

Most treasured possession?
MC: My Ironman ring from 2010. When you win the world championship they give you a ring with diamonds in it.

What is your present state of mind?
MC: I'm positive and excited about my upcoming challenge.

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