Sage advice

The athlete:
Deena Kastor

Running résumé:
Since landing a bronze for her marathon performance at the 2004 Olympics, running pro Deena Kastor has been no stranger to the medal stand. The California native took first place in the Chicago Marathon in 2005, then again in London in 2006. Along the way, she earned the title of fastest American woman to conquer 26.2, and is the fourth-speediest worldwide.

Sage advice:
Keep hand food handy. Prompt and proper fueling is the key to great training, so find a couple of packaged bars you dig and stock up. Pre-run, you'll want about 150 calories an hour before you set out. Post-run, aim for a 200-calorie, higher-protein option within 30 minutes of finishing to jumpstart muscle repair recovery. Be sure to stash a supply in your cabinet, gym bag, desk drawer, etc. Wherever you are, your body will never be far from the nutrition it needs.

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