Right now, it's all about the details

Julie Foudy profiles Jordyn Wieber, the 2011 World All-Around Champion in gymnastics and Olympic hopeful. For more information on Jordyn Wieber and USA gymnastics, visit usagym.org.

It's finally the Olympic year! I can't believe it's 2012. I've been dreaming about this year forever, it seems. And it's going to be a crazy year. I have a lot of big meets on the calendar before the Olympics: the American Cup in March, and then nationals and Olympic trials in June.

After the Olympic trials, the U.S. Olympic team will be named and, of course, my biggest goal of the year is to be on that team. Until then, I'm going to work as hard as I can. Right now, I'm training about 30 hours a week, going in every day except Sunday. Though the season doesn't start for a few months, it doesn't seem like the offseason at all. I'm already focusing on the small details and perfecting my routines. Every little thing counts now -- every handstand has to be hit to vertical; every landing stuck.

I look at each meet, big and small, as important. My focus is the same as it has been for every year since I was little: to be consistent. I want to hit my routines and do the best I can every time at every meet, because that's what will prepare me to hit when the pressure is really on.

I just got back from the first national team camp of the year in Houston. It was so great to see everyone, and all of the gymnasts look really good for this early in the year. It's exciting to see 2008 Olympic champion Nastia Liukin back, as well as Rebecca Bross, who injured her knee at nationals last year. We all had some great team bonding time watching "Dance Moms" on TV when we weren't training, too.

So far, things have definitely been busier for me this year. I've gotten to do some really exciting things, like appear on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". I was a little nervous at first, but Ellen has a way of making you laugh and feel comfortable right away. It was weird doing a bar routine right there on the set, but once I warmed up and the bars felt good, it was fine. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have with the media and endorsements. It just takes a little more effort to keep things balanced -- but so far, so good. My main focus is still on training for the next six months, and of reaching my next goal: to make the Olympic team.

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