Proud of our amazing freshmen

Courtesy of Penn State Athletic Communications

Maggie Lucas says Peyton Whitted is a versatile player who can play inside and out.

Earlier this year I introduced several of my amazing freshmen. Since we have such a large group I wanted to spread them out and give them the attention they each deserve. In this part two of my introduction to the Lady Lions’ outstanding freshmen class you will meet Jenny DeGraaf, Peyton Whitted and Kaliyah Mitchell.

I first met Jenny DeGraaf at our summer camp two years ago, and she instantly won my heart over when she led my team to the camp championship. It was my first championship as a coach and she was my star, so obviously I was very excited to hear that she would soon be my teammate. Jenny is a hardworking player, and she can definitely shoot the ball. This summer I was impressed by Jenny because she was always texting and calling me to make sure I took her to the gym with me to go through shooting workouts together. I look forward to seeing what Jenny does with the rest of her career.

Penn State Athletic Communications

Peyton Whitted and Kaliyah Mitchell are two of three players from Georgia on the team.

Next is Peyton Whitted, one of our three Georgia girls on the team. Peyton is a long and athletic player who can play inside and out. She has a sweet lefty jumper but can also post up and score in the paint. Peyton has been a huge contributor this season and has proven to be a great spark for our team. She is a versatile player and I can only expect big things for Peyton as she continues to improve and work hard through her time at Penn State.

Last but certainly not least of the freshman group is Kaliyah Mitchell. K is another one of our Georgia girls (the last being junior Tori Waldner). Kaliyah has been our sixth woman for much of this season, and she has been a consistent and reliable player all year. Kaliyah is a strong guard, she can take it to the hoop and score with contact and she can guard some of the other teams’ best players. At the end of the game when we need a big rebound or a clutch putback, I can always expect that Kaliyah will come through for us.

We are truly lucky to have such a strong and mature group of freshmen on our team. I am extremely sad that I will have only one year to play with these ladies, but I cannot wait to see what is in store for them in the rest of their careers at Penn State.

This week we play Northwestern at home and then we head to Nebraska on Monday for a game that will air on ESPN2. Until then you can follow me on Twitter @maggielucas33 or the Lady Lions @pennstatewbb!