We keep pushing every day

Courtesy Colorado Athletics

Colorado trailed Arizona by 16 at halftime Sunday but fought back to win in overtime.

With all of our losses this season, it is getting harder and harder to think about what to blog about. The season has been disappointing so far, to say the least. Most of our losses are close games where we’ve lost by a possession or two.

Coming into the season, everyone, including me and my team, had high expectations for us. We were a Top 25 team and a top-three contender in the Pac-12. Now, at 15-12 overall and 5-11 in the conference, my team sits at the bottom few of the Pac-12.

We want to take back every missed box out and missed easy shot, but we can’t. The fact that we can’t change the past really hurts. But, with all of the injuries, frustrations and losses that this season has presented us, we continue to fight.

The fight of a Buffalo is what keeps us pushing every day. We won’t throw in the towel because it is not in our blood. Colorado Buffaloes fight until the end and push through any and all adversity. The season is still not over, and I am positive we can do damage in this final stretch of conference and in Pac-12 tournament play.

I’m not just saying this because I am only hoping. I truly believe we can win every game we play. I am confident in my team, and I know that with our Colorado fight, anything can and will be done.

In our game Sunday against Arizona, we did not come out ready to play. Arizona could not miss and it was ready to win on its senior night. We ended up being down 20 early and fought our way back, ending the half down by 16. We were really disappointed in our play and knew we had to fight even harder.

Second half rolled around and we were the old Colorado we used to consistently play like. We fought back and ended up winning in overtime. We held Arizona to just 17 points after halftime! We played great, solid defense and executed on offense.

This game was unlike any other for us. We played with more passion and fight than we had in a long time, and we finally finished a game. It is not a secret that our team has been struggling, but we held our own and pushed through. Maybe this is a positive sign for us. You all will just have to watch and see.

Just a little reminder for anyone else who is struggling in their respective practice: When you dream big and reach for the moon, if you fail, you will land amongst the stars. So never give up, no matter how hard the situation might be. Fight like us Buffaloes and things will always work out in the end.