Mighty Kacy Goes Splash At 'American Ninja Warrior' Finals

Pour a little of your morning coffee out today for Kacy Catanzaro’s run on “American Ninja Warrior.” After becoming the first woman to qualify for the show’s final with her ridiculous, awe-inspiring performance at the Dallas regional finals in July, “Mighty Kacy” failed to complete the national finals course in Las Vegas. The former Towson gymnast was unable to conquer the “Jumping Spider,” and she fell into the water when she couldn’t wedge herself between the two vertical walls.

Somehow, despite the loss, the pint-sized star found yet another way to wow the crowd at home – appearing totally dry with perfect hair for her post-round interview immediately after falling into the water. Internet conspiracies commenced.

The mysteries of television. You know, pre-taped, heavily edited-for-time television.

But if you’re looking for another woman to high-five your friends about and don’t actually watch the show, Meagan Martin stunned the crowd with her finals run that aired previously, even managing to succeed on the jumping spider. She was ultimately eliminated as well because she didn’t finish the course in time, but her impressive run is still definitely worth watching.

Warning: This might motivate you to immediately drop everything and run to the gym. You should probably tell your boss ahead of time.

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