US Open serving up technology

Courtesy of Ketchum PR

The IBM Game Changer Interactive Wall serves as a technological tour guide of all the U.S. Open has to offer.

Even for the most avid tennis fan, the U.S. Open can be a pretty intimidating place. With two weeks of tennis on 17 courts and access to more than 250 players, it can be hard to be in the right place at the right time. Don't worry: Like everything else in life, there's an app for that. Smartphone users can download the official USTA U.S. Open app to make sure they don't miss one serve or volley from their favorite players.

You can receive alerts for up to five different players throughout the day. If Andy Murray is about to finish off his opponent on Arthur Ashe, the app will alert you so you can catch the winning set. It will also alert you if the Williams sisters' doubles match has been moved to Louis Armstrong, allowing you to beat the crowds for the perfect seat.

The app also helps you be in two places at one time. No, it doesn't have special teleporting technology, although I'm sure they are working on that for 2013. It provides a live radio broadcast with play-by-play of matches at Arthur Ashe, so feel free to watch Serena Williams cruise to another win while listening to Andy Roddick close out his career.

Tennis scheduling isn't the only thing the app is good for. You can purchase tickets, join the U.S. Open social media conversation and even shop for official U.S. Open swag. Don't know where the nearest bathroom is? The app has you covered with a map that pinpoints all the restrooms in the Billie Jean King Tennis Complex. Need to take a break at one of the many high-class restaurants on the grounds? The hardest part will be choosing just one eatery. The app will take care of getting you there.

If you don't have a smartphone, proceed to the U.S. Open American Express Fan Experience, where you can get the same info from the IBM Game Changer Interactive Wall. The touchscreen wall serves as an extension of all of the features found within the U.S. Open mobile app and website. It also tells you when the next No. 7 train is coming and uses graphics to display which athlete has the momentum in the match. If you check in at the wall using Foursquare, your photo will become part of the display.

With so much technology helping you keep up with the action, the U.S. Open is not only the people's open, it's also the web's open.