Introducing the Penn State soccer team


All right people, we have started Big Ten play! We had an amazing alumni weekend that began with seeing old friends and finished with our first conference win -- 2-1 over Wisconsin on Sept. 16. The team was fortunate enough to get to know players from over the years, such as Carmelina Moscato, Jessie Davis and Katie Schoepfer. Although it was sad to see the alumni leave, we were excited to start preparing for last weekend's games with Northwestern and Illinois. We had a great week of training and were looking forward to putting our hard work to the test against two very competitive Big Ten opponents. It paid off as we came out with two more conference wins.

Because Northwestern and Illinois are out of driving distance, we were lucky enough to fly out of the State College Airport. This is a huge deal for the Penn State women's soccer team, and as coach Ann Cook always says, "It is about the little things in life, people." Everyone knows traveling can be long and boring, so what does our team do? We make superlatives for each of the members on our team. You guys want to get to know us better? Here is a little inside scoop on the Penn State University women's soccer team.

Most likely to sleep through an earthquake: Amanda Dotten.

Most likely to appear in a music video: Emily Hurd.

Most likely to become celebrity stylist: Tani Costa.

Most likely to become a soccer commentator: Christine Nairn.

Most likely to become the next Penn State coach: Bri Garcia.

Most likely to beat Usain Bolt: Maya Hayes.

Most likely to ever have to wear makeup: Bri Hovington.

Most likely to make the weirdest noises of all time: Teddy Chase.

Most likely to have a State College entourage: Meg Ritchey.

Most likely to be in an Herbal Essence commercial: Rocky Rodriguez.

Most likely to be secretly cool: Corey Persson.

Most likely to run out of her shoes: Mallory Weber.

Most likely to win "American Idol": Mallory Peterson.

Most likely to be on "America's Best Dance Crew": Taylor Schram.

Least likely to eat meat: Jenna Kalwa.

Most likely to go MIA: Tara Barr.

Most likely to never be seen without a headband: Whit Church.

Most contagious laugh: Erin Kehoe.

Most likely to dead lift the planet: Kori Chapic.

Most likely to be on reality TV: Lexi Marton.

Most likely to be a cat lady: Erin McNulty.

Most likely to be married with children in two years: Jackie Molinda.

Most likely to shut down an all-you-can-eat buffet: Maddy Evans.

Most likely to break a Guinness world record: Britt Eckerstrom.

Most likely to be mistaken for a ball girl: Kindrah Kohne.

Most likely to solve world hunger and world peace: Kristin Hartmann.

Most likely to be on YouTube for Parkour fails: Meg Kaminski.

A lot of thought went into creating these superlatives, so we hope everyone enjoyed them just as much as we enjoyed making them! I hope you guys now know a little bit more about our team. We are a very entertaining group (to say the least, or at least we think so), so stay tuned for what we come up with next!

Coming next week: a video blog of our facilities at Penn State.