How to save your iPhone from an ice bath

Courtesy of Emily Young

Emily Young poses with her phone and the minute rice that rescued it after it fell into her ice bath.

For all who have managed to not crack your iPhone screen or submerge your phone in water -- I was once among you.

Beware! A simple error in judgment or gravity and bad luck could land you in my shoes or worse. Therefore, I thought I would pass along my personalized tips (and add to the many that are already out there) about what to do if you submerge your iPhone in water.

First, though, a little backstory…

Last Wednesday, after practice, I decided to take an ice bath to soothe a dull pain I had in my legs and back from 95 percent max squats. I often take my phone with me into the ice bath so I have something to keep my mind off the cold.

Normally, I hold my iPhone while I’m in the ice bath, but since I was going in up to my back, I placed it in a towel. Placing my phone, hidden in a towel, was mistake No. 1. Mistake No. 2 was placing my hand in the ice bath to lower myself in and immediately reaching for the towel to dry it.

We can all guess what happened next. Lucky for me, my teammate Cinnamon was in the ice bath, too, and acted as the voice of reason, telling me what to do and not to panic.

She also once submerged her iPhone, in a sink, and the phone lived to tell the tale. So, with my teammate’s advice and some haphazard Internet research, I present to you:

Emily’s Tips for a for an Ice Bath iPhone Recovery

1. Remove from water, immediately.

2. Take off the phone case and dry phone with towel.

3. Try not to panic during steps one and two. (Thanks, Cinnamon)

4. If the phone still seems to work, send a test text message and try receiving a phone call.

5. Use computer dust spray [compressed air] in crevices of phone. Small amounts of water may emerge.

6. Turn off your phone, if you can. (I couldn’t turn mine off for 24 hours … scary.)

7. Place your phone in rice, inside an airtight container.

8. Pray and play the waiting game.

9. Send lots of emails and Facebook messages and try to acclimate yourself to what life would be like without a phone until your next upgrade.

10. Put phone and rice into a quart-sized Ziploc bag for airport security.

11. After two days, remove rice from headphone jack and charging jack. (I used an earring stud.)

12. See if your phone charges and functions properly.

13. Thank your lucky stars that you had a screen cover and a good case on your phone.

WARNING: These steps may not work for all iPhones.