I'm excited for the rest of the season

It is crazy to think this year is almost over. It feels like the season has just started. When you have a team with chemistry like ours, it makes every day fly by. There is not a single day I dread going to practice or dread being around my team.

Graham Hays/ESPN.com

Jessica Shults, second from right, says great team chemistry has been the key to success for Oklahoma.

When you are taken away from your team, like I was because of an illness at this point last year, it makes you realize you cannot take any of these moments for granted and you just enjoy the journey with the people around you. I am so blessed to be able to spend every day with this group of girls and coaches. They really make the game of softball fun and enjoyable. I truly believe our chemistry off the field has given us the edge we need to be successful on the field.

We have had so many funny moments this season off the field. From rapping on the bus to dressing up as famous couples on bus trips, it has really been a great experience so far. On the field, we have had a great year also, and I am so excited to get back on the field this weekend against Texas. We have been working really hard this week to get physically and mentally prepared for what Texas is going to bring. They are a great team, and it is always a tough series against them. Being friends with a lot of the girls on Texas, it is going to be fun getting back and competing against them.

We have our Think Pink game for cancer awareness Friday and Senior Day on Sunday. It is going to be a real emotional game because I have now spent three amazing years with this senior class, and it is going to be weird not having them around every day. I am so excited for what the rest of this year brings as it has been an incredible ride so far, and I do not want it to end.