I can't wait to see how the film turns out

Trish Donovan, KV Racing Technology

A crew filming "IndyCar 36'' followed Simona de Silvestro around at the track, the garage and even a steakhouse.

I just got back from driving in the Itaipava Sao Paulo Indy 300 in Brazil and am getting started with practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500, but I wanted to say how much fun I had filming “IndyCar 36’’ while in Brazil.

Courtesy of Trish Donovan/KV Racing Technology

Simona de Silvestro finished eighth in Brazil but wished she'd come in for a splash of fuel toward the end.

Sean Belby, the producer, and his crew followed me all around during race weekend in Brazil getting shots of me on and off the track. It was a little weird at first -- I kept looking over my shoulder like you do when you feel like someone is following you -- but I finally got used to having them around and really enjoyed it. They caught up with me as soon as I stepped off the elevator Saturday morning and tagged along for breakfast and then out to the garage before a pretty busy day of on-track activity.

Brazil is different from most of our other races because the hotel is inside the track, and all of the teams stay there. They serve us three meals a day, and we don’t usually leave the hotel very often, but on Saturday night I had dinner at a local Brazilian steakhouse with my dad, my manager and my PR person. The IndyCar 36 crew was waiting when we arrived; I’ve never had someone film me eating so much.

I missed the guys Sunday morning at breakfast but found them waiting for me in the garage all ready to follow me on my favorite day of the week: race day! We had a good race, but I think we might have been able to finish better if we’d come in for a splash of fuel when Hinch (James Hinchcliffe) did. He won the race, and we finished eighth.

Even though I didn’t get my first podium, I did have a ton of fun during the last stint of the race when we weren’t saving fuel, and I was able to push hard. I passed several cars and probably would have gotten past a couple more if we had a few more laps.

All in all it was a really fun weekend, and I enjoyed getting to know Sean, Matt (the director of photography), Brandon (our camera operator) and Nate (the audio guy). I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. It airs at 11:30 p.m. May 23 on the NBC Sports Network.