A disappointing day

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova's loss in the second round of the French Open caught her by surprise.

I'm really discouraged right now; it's tough to say something positive at the moment. I didn't expect to lose in the second round of the French Open, because I felt pretty good today. My warm-ups went well, and I was able to work on some of the mistakes I made in my first match on Sunday. I did manage to start this match off better, but I think the cloudy weather conditions are a little tough to work with, and the two-and-a-half-day break between matches isn't ideal. But it is how it is. I did what I could, and had a lot of chances, but didn't use them.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova's mom, Marina, and coach, Martina Hingis, at Anastasia's match against Petra Cetkovska.

My opponent, Petra Cetkovska, stayed very calm, and was consistent throughout the whole match. She didn't show much emotion, and I think it really helped her. I let her calmness bother me, as I was fighting for every point and showing a lot of emotion.

But I have to leave this in the past, forget about it, move on and work harder. When I was a junior, I used to think about a match that I lost for a couple of days or even weeks, and keep replaying it in my head. I would get so down and lose confidence for the next tournament and lose the motivation to work hard. Right now, though, I have great people around me: My mom is very positive, and my coach, Martina Hingis, is too. They believe in me, so they push me forward.

I hate losing but I'm sure my doubles match on Thursday with my partner, Lucie Safarova, will go much better. I was watching Lucie's match today and I felt really bad for her -- she lost a very close match against American Jamie Hampton, and she, like me, had a lot of chances to come back. So I think we will both be very motivated for doubles. We both enjoy playing together, and hopefully our losses will push us even more!