W Wants To Know: Desi Davila

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Desi Davila was forced out of the Olympic marathon in London after just a couple miles.

espnW poses five questions to some of our favorite athletes. This week, Olympic runner Desi Davila checks in ahead of Saturday's Oakley New York Mini 10K in Central Park.

What do you need to consider your day complete? A day is not complete unless I've gotten a run in. Even if it's only a few miles, getting outside and working up a sweat gives me that feeling of accomplishment each day. Also, a cup of coffee -- can't get much done in a day without coffee.

What's one thing you will never do? Cheat! I run to find out how good I can be. I love the personal challenge -- cheating or taking shortcuts defeats the purpose.

What song best describes your life? Of Montreal's "Gronlandic Edit."

What is the one thing you really want to do off the field/course? Whether it's getting first-timers involved in the sport or encouraging an upcoming athlete to stick with competitive running a little longer to chase their dreams, I hope that off the course I can generate some excitement about running and find different ways to give back to the sport that I love.

What is your biggest weakness? I tend to overthink things; I often have to remind myself to slow down, keep it simple and just go with the flow.