espnW Tale of the Tweets

@adena_andrews I've boxed n done muy Thai but I don't know if I could look good in a Bad Girl club fight. They just do windmill swing. No defense 4 that Dec 3

@amandarykoff Hugs to all my Cubs fan friends. Dec. 3

@SarahSpain So sad to learn of Ron Santo's passing. A Cub to his core and a true baseball man, he will be greatly, greatly missed. Dec. 3

@amandarykoff So something happened in Cleveland tonight? Dec. 2

@thefootballgirl Friends are texting me about the awfulness of this broadcast. Did they really say Indy is in a dogfight as Vick was dropping back? Dec 2, 11:30pm

@adena_andrews James shaking his head to the Akron hates you chant. HAHA Dec 2, 10:14pm

@adena_andrews Scottie Pippen is somewhere fuming mad! Dec 2, 9:55pm

@amandarykoff Twitter is ON FIRE today. Like the heat of Qatar. Dec 2, 1:19pm

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