Tale of the Tweets

Here's the best of @espnW and our contributors on Twitter yesterday. Make sure to follow us all for more sports news and observations!

Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore: this is your Luck-y day. -- @amandarykoff

This Harbaugh situation is too reminiscent of Favre. Someone wake me up when he's officially coaching next season. -- @thefootballgirl

Yo did anyone hear the pregame pep talk from Miami of Ohio coach b4 bowl game? Made me wanna do the Iditarod in shorts. Powerful -- @adena_andrews

My dad will verify that I said last week Harbaugh would stay at Stanford. And with Luck back, it's a no-brainer. -- @amandarykoff

Time for service. GOing to watch Tebow Doc. "Let the Church say Amen" -- @adena_andrews

How about a Rooney Rule for women to get their feet in the Football Operations door minus nepotism/subjection to coaches' asst. positions? -- @thefootballgirl

NCAA could make decisions easier for players like Luck if they allowed them to come back and finish their senior year academically post-NFL. -- @janesports

OMG this Tar Heel girl has a tattooed arm like a Denver Nugget -- @adena_andrews

So, who's fired up for the GoDaddy.com bowl tonight??!!!! #crickets #crickets -- @SarahSpain

Announcer says sexist comments along w/ other lewd behavior toward players & officials will not B tolerated. Do they say that ! men's games? -- @adena_andrews

Usually I can quote Tom Coughlin verbatim. Not this time. Giants coach gets salty: http://es.pn/fgBDPY #NYG -- @janesports

If the NFL thinks OT should be changed for the playoffs, why is it still ok for the regular season? -- @amandarykoff

Jets fans better hope for a deep run, because what lies ahead on the NFL beat is labor strife and the looming threat of a lockout. -- @janesports