Tale of the Tweets

Here's the best of @espnW and our contributors on Twitter yesterday. Make sure to follow us all for more sports news and observations!

Cavs get whooped. Knicks win. I had a good workout. (5 miles) Like ice cube said Today was a good day. -- @adena_andrews

My goodness the Knicks are in fact slamming and jamming! -- @amandarykoff

Watching this cavs game Is like slowing down on the road to watch an accident. You don't want to, but can't help it. -- @adena_andrews

Whoever is in charge of PR for "Lombardi" on Broadway is brilliant. Even before Tom Brady, reviews, references were everywhere. #NFL -- @janesports

Heh. BYU had 53 points at halftime against Utah. Michigan State and Wisconsin each had 53 after regulation. -- @amandarykoff

IMO Michael Jordan's way more faint-worthy than a measly broken nose... 'Fess up, lady! It was MJ all along... http://tinyurl.com/6ylpxpz -- @SarahSpain

College Football Live put up a countdown clock until the 2011 CFB season: 233 days and counting. -- @amandarykoff

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