Tale of the Tweets

Here's the best of @espnW and our contributors on Twitter yesterday. Make sure to follow us all for more sports news and observations!

Now that Melo isn't going to NJ what is that state's claim to fame? The Sopranos and Jersey Shore. Man this get sadder and sadder -- @adena_andrews

So Rex Ryan may not be aware of the number of coaching vacancies. He's focused on other stuff. Classic, letting facts get in the way. #Jets -- @janesports

Haha, love all the hate mail about the Packers jokes. If you can't enjoy the rivalry & have a little fun with it, you're not doing it right. -- @SarahSpain

Bart Scott said his wife saw his postgame interview & said he better be nice because she could use the video to get him locked up! #Jets -- @janesports

Just passed by AT&T Park and it reminded me that I miss baseball. It also looks gorgeous even at night. -- @amandarykoff

Ike Taylor trash-talking should not be considered news. -- @thefootballgirl

Even the NY Jets and NY Giants don't really belong to you... If I was New Jersey I wouldn't stand for this -- @adena_andrews

Funny to hear Matt Hasselbeck on Inside the NFL say "wicked fast" 10 seconds after thinking he looks and sounds like a bald @sportsguy33 -- @thefootballgirl