Tale of the Tweets

Here's the best of @espnW and our contributors on Twitter this weekend. Make sure to follow us all for more sports news and observations!

Husband is die hard Bears fan. Mom is die hard Jets fan. And I'm a 49ers fan. Can you say depressing family? -- @thefootballgirl

Were robot clones holding the real Jets hostage for the first half?! Scooby Doo should do some investigating. -- @janesports

I'm not watching the superbowl. No matter how good the chicken wings are at the party. *bitter Jets fan. -- @adena_andrews

Rex Ryan opting for the versatile, signature sweater vest and khakis. Fashionable and baggy enough for excessive layering. #Jets -- @janesports

Mike Tomlin is bad ass. -- @amandarykoff

I'm in a terrible, terrible mood. I should prob remove myself from all forms of social media so I don't verbally stab everyone that bugs me. -- @SarahSpain

Is there a bar in ATL for Bears fans and Jets fans to ummm lament together..sigh -- @adena_andrews

Good luck finding one Bears fan who would choose Jay Cutler over Caleb Hanie as next season's starter. -- @thefootballgirl

I am trying to come up with even the most implausible of explanations for Lovie Smith's decisions and failing. -- @amandarykoff

Sunday is for rest and football. -- @adena_andrews