Steve Smith tees off in style

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In the Pro's Questionnaire, our favorite sports figures take an abridged version of the famous personality test, the Proust Questionnaire. Steve Smith, NBA champion (Spurs, 2003) and current NBA TV analyst, talks about his love of milkshakes, his desire to be a professional golfer and his hardworking parents.

Your idea of happiness:

Steve Smith: My life as it is right now is my definition of happiness. I have wonderful kids, a great wife and my dream job. It's a dream to be paid to watch and discuss basketball games, just like I would be doing at home with my family and friends. I have the ability to travel and do something I love. I also get to watch my kids grow and become great young men.

Your idea of misery:

SS: Seeing people go through an illness. I hate to see people suffer. My mom died of cancer and it's a tough thing to go through.

Your main fault:

SS: Not traveling enough. I always thought I was going to play overseas when my NBA career was over. I never did, then I started a family, so that changed things.

If not yourself, person you would like to be:

SS: Muhammad Ali. He accomplished so much in boxing and became a leader in society, especially in the African-American community, by standing up for what was right.

Hero or heroine you admire most:

SS: My mom and dad. My dad was a bus driver for 37 years. My mother was an unbelievable stay-at-home mom who taught me all my values. I also have lots of respect for Barack Obama.

Favorite food and drink:

SS: Barbecue ribs. But they can't be from a restaurant. They have to be cooked from a family member or someone you know. My favorite drink is the cookies-and-cream milkshake from Steak 'n Shake. On an adult level, I enjoy a nice Bordeaux wine.

What you hate the most:

SS: I hate to see kids go hungry. I'm on the board of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and I think education and health services should be equal no matter what neighborhood or income class you come from. I also hate people who are not loyal.

Talent you would like to possess:

SS: I'd love to have enough talent to be a professional golfer. It's virtually impossible for me, since my game isn't that advanced. But I think with my style of clothing and play, I could have brought a bit of flair to the golf course.

Your greatest fear:

SS: Being separated from my family. I don't know why, it just is.

Your greatest extravagance:

SS: My bed. I always dreamed of having a big bed that I could fit in, so I had a bed custom built. Also, my movie theater in my house is pretty extravagant. I like to watch movies.

Your most treasured possession:

SS: A Bible my mom gave me. It has handwritten notes in it that she made. She would underline and highlight verses for me to read. That's something that can't be replaced. If I didn't have it, I would be empty.

Your present state of mind:

SS: Enjoy and cherish the moment. The present is God's gift.

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