Frozen smiles warm up the night

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Wait for it! Bill Belichick actually cracked a smile after the Patriots' come-from-behind win on Sunday night.

In case you were too busy turning into an icicle and missed out on sports, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you missed this weekend.

Winning with the wind

In the coldest regular-season game in Gillette Stadium history, the New England Patriots hosted the Denver Broncos on “Sunday Night Football.” The matchup featured a completely downplayed duel between two dudes who throw the football, but that was sadly only discussed 567,897,723 times throughout the broadcast, so most people probably missed that tidbit. Peyton Manning and the Broncos held a 24-0 lead at the break, which prompted thousands of Patriots fans to wonder why they had spent hundreds of dollars to have their tears freeze as they were falling down their faces.

But Tom Brady and the Patriots stormed back in the second half in a comeback the likes of which have not been seen since the Revolutionary War. The Pats scored on their first five possessions in the second half, including three touchdown passes from Brady, to take a 31-24 lead. One of those passes, to the always-brotastic Rob Gronkowski, prompted an epic celebration between the two.

The Broncos were able to even the score at 31-31, and the game went to overtime. And just when the Internet couldn’t get any crazier between the game and Miley Cyrus’ kitten-themed performance at the American Music Awards, Bill Belichick came in like a wrecking ball and had the Pats defend with the wind instead of taking the ball after winning the OT toss. Twitter was instantly divided with the old Kanye West “Is he crazy or crazy genius?” debate. The controversial decision turned out to be the right one as the Patriots won on a field goal with 3:01 left. To celebrate, Belichick opened his mouth and showed all of his teeth during a postgame news conference. Must have been quite a night.

Pregame awards show

Before Sunday’s showdown, Jimmy Fallon handed out some class superlatives to players on both teams. If you’ve ever wondered who would take home the coveted “Most Likely to Look Like a Funhouse Mirror Image of Himself” title, or just who exactly is the “Most Sober Rob Ford,” then this clip is definitely for you. And if that’s the case, I will give you the “Someone Who Should Probably Work on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ ” award.

Can you top this?

On Friday night during the Atlanta Hawks-Detroit Pistons game, a young fan and an arena usher won over the hearts of everyone in attendance with an epic dance battle. I’m just disappointed Pistons center and social media darling Andre Drummond didn’t find a way to get involved.

Historic halftime

The Ohio State marching band continued its season-long mission to prove it is “the best damn band in the land” with yet another ridiculous performance during halftime on Saturday. The band honored the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address with another instant -- and educational! -- classic. I would warn you that this video is more than 13 minutes long, but you should really just watch the whole thing and feel bad that you didn’t take tuba lessons more seriously in seventh grade.

The cat’s meow

And, finally, LeBron James is a Miley Cyrus fan.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, however, is more of a Ke$ha guy. Discuss among yourselves.

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