Buzz That Was: Bulking and sulking

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A week after causing a stir with her showgirl outfit, Danica Patrick was at it again with her Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation.

In case you were too busy scolding yourself for procrastinating on holiday shopping for the fifth straight year and missed out on sports, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you missed last night.

Bulk delivery

It’s been a whole week since Danica Patrick made a public appearance. And in that time, she’s apparently been hitting the gym, upping the protein-shake ante and hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or so it appeared for a brief moment on Thursday when pictures hit the Internet and circled faster than the No. 10 car at Daytona.

Wearing a (really convincing) muscle suit during filming for a GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial, Danica caused Twitter to do a collective double take at her altered appearance. Guessing no one will be heading to the site to see the unrated version of this advertisement.

End of the road?

Just six games after his return from an Achilles injury, Lakers star Kobe Bryant is expected to miss another six weeks due to a knee injury. Somewhere out there, Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio are hitting on supermodels to fill the emptiness in their souls. The Lakers’ front office, on the other hand, has to be suddenly rethinking that whole signing an injury-prone 35-year-old to a two-year contract extension worth $48.5 million thing.

Kobe, who famously thrives on negative energy, instantly went on a full-court press to silence those who question his return from the latest setback. In an interview with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, he boldly claimed, “Only an idiot would [doubt my return.]” He followed that statement up with a tweet in typical Kobe fashion.

And if Lakers fans weren’t already crying as they sit in standstill traffic on the freeway, it was also announced on Thursday that Steve Nash would miss another four weeks because of nerve root irritation in his back. With the team’s other point guards, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar, also out with injuries, Xavier Henry will now start at the position for the team. Showtime, ladies and gentlemen! Also known now as “tanking time.”

‘What a beauty’

Duke’s Jabari Parker might have made the most headlines for his monster dunk Thursday against UCLA, but it pales in comparison to Wright State’s Jerran Young’s alley-oop slam. You really have to see this one.

Masterful mascots

In perhaps the greatest Twitter feud since Amanda Bynes vs. Lindsay Lohan, the Miami and Louisville mascots engaged in a war of 140 words or less on Thursday. The school’s football teams will be squaring off Dec. 28 in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.

It all started off adorably enough.

Then it got kind of Internet quirky.

And then it just became an all-out bird fight.

Safe to say, this was social media’s holiday gift to you. I will now nicely ask Santa Claus to continue this feud until the game next week.

Warming up

Hell has obviously frozen over. Bill Belichick looked mildly amused talking about holiday songs at his Thursday press conference. He went on to say that EVERY festive jingle puts a smile on his face because “it’s a great time of year.” Um, where is the real Bill Belichick and how did the Patriots find this doppelganger who enjoys talking to the media? I’m scared.

Although this imposter coach might help explain Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

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