Buzz That Was: Shiny and nothing new

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Making his first start in two years, Kyle Orton threw two touchdowns and two interceptions and helped extend the Cowboys' playoff drought to four years.

In case you were too busy trying to figure out what to buy LeBron James for his birthday today and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Buckle up

On the final day of the NFL regular season, the Dallas Cowboys did what they do best and lost when it mattered most. In a winner-take-all showdown, the Philadelphia Eagles clinched the NFC East title with a 24-22 victory. With Tony Romo sidelined after back surgery, replacement quarterback Kyle Orton decided to do his best Romo impression and threw an interception with 1:49 remaining to all but clinch the Eagles' playoff ticket. The Internet reacted just as you would expect. Clearly the short-lived holiday positivity window has expired.

But while Orton and Jerry "Money really can't buy you everything" Jones wallowed in their misery, Eagles players and fans reveled in their win. Running back LeSean McCoy celebrated the triumph and his rushing title with a championship belt during his postgame interview with NBC's Michelle Tafoya.

Self-proclaimed Cowboys superfan James didn't let the loss bring him down and immediately sprung into action trying to obtain similar hardware. Priorities, people.

As they presumably would for every random NFL fan who asked for one on Twitter, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena both immediately offered their services to that LeBron guy.

Shaky sportsmanship

On Saturday night, UFC champ and noted terrifying individual Ronda Rousey easily retained her bantamweight title with a third-round submission over rival Miesha Tate at UFC 168. After the bout's conclusion, Tate when to shake Rousey's hand, but Rousey wanted no part of the traditional show of sportsmanship. She looked at Tate's extended hand and walked away, presumably singing "No New Friends" to herself.

Somewhere out there, my second-grade soccer coach is livid about the snub.

Booth review

The MVP of Saturday's Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium wasn't a player from Notre Dame or Rutgers. The esteemed distinction actually goes to ESPN's own Jesse Palmer. During the halftime break, Palmer's broadcast partner, Chris Fowler, began choking while eating a chicken sandwich. Palmer wasted no time in performing the Heimlich maneuver to save his friend.

And you thought Palmer was just adorable on "The Bachelor."

Shelling out some smiles

If two-time defending Australian Open champ Victoria Azarenka is nervous about defending her crown, she sure isn't letting it show. On Sunday, the No. 2 tennis player in the world made some new friends during the Brisbane International. Try not to let your inner-kindergartener be too jealous.

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