Austrians finish 1-2 at Four Hills Tour

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany -- Thomas Diethart of Austria won the second stage of the Four Hills Tour, the most prestigious ski jumping competition before the Sochi Olympics.

Diethart had the longest jump in both rounds on Wednesday, soaring 149.8 meters in the first and then 146.3 for a combined total of 296.1 points.

Thomas Morgenstern of Austria was second with jumps of 146.4 and 138.7 for 285.1 points.

Double Olympic champion Simon Ammann of Switzerland, who won the first stage at Oberstdorf, was third with jumps of 137.9 and 140.6 for 278.5 points.

Defending tour champion Gregor Schlierenzauer of Austria was eighth and World Cup leader Kamil Stoch of Poland seventh.

Diethart leads the tour standings with 593.4 points, ahead of Morgenstern on 581.9 and Ammann on 580.4.

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