Buzz That Was: Packers fans frozen out

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Freezing temperatures and an embarrassing Lambeau leap were topped off by a crushing loss. It couldn't have been much fun being a Packers fan on Sunday.

In case you were too busy wondering what happened to global warming as you attempted to thaw out and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed this weekend.

Cold feat?

Despite near-zero-degree temperatures at kickoff, Colin "No Sleeves Necessary" Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers 23-20 at Lambeau Field on Sunday to advance to the NFC divisional playoff round against the Carolina Panthers. Kicker Phil Dawson nailed a 33-yard field goal as time expired for the win. And, in a clip that will surely haunt Packers fans everywhere once they regain feeling in their extremities, the ball went right through the arms of cornerback Davon House as he was trying to block the kick.

Even though the near block was pointed out by nearly every single person on Twitter, House had been flagged for jumping offside, and Dawson would have had another chance for the game-winning kick had the block been successful. It still has to sting like frostbite for the Pack fans who sat through the entire game for such a disappointing ending. However their day could probably be most accurately summed up with this "Lambeau Leap" FAIL from fullback John Kuhn.

Cheer up, Green Bay fans. Now you have the rest of winter to enjoy … um, watching snow fall and accidentally making an ice skating rink in your backyard. So there's that.

Lucky tie

Philip Rivers led the San Diego Chargers to their first playoff win since 2009 on Sunday with a 27-10 rout of the Cincinnati Bengals. Naturally, Rivers celebrated as any self-respecting quarterback would and wore his best bolo tie during the postgame news conference.

For the record, Rivers is undefeated on days in which he wears bolo ties this season. If that doesn't scream, "I'm launching a bolo tie collection in the offseason for JCPenney with Blake Shelton," I don't know what does.

Shoe's untied!

The New York Knicks won a basketball game! I repeat, the New York Knicks won a basketball game! And while that news in itself might be worth its own section in this column, J.R. Smith made sure his role in the 92-80 victory over the Dallas Mavericks would be remembered. And for more than just his seven points. While Dirk Nowitzki was on the free throw line during the second quarter, Smith decided to untie Shawn Marion's sneaker. Because, WHY NOT?

Too bad there's no slot in the box score for that move.

A woman's best friend

Retired gymnast and 2008 Olympic silver medalist Alicia Sacramone might have the most amazing dog ever. Or, she just took a picture of the most amazing dog ever. Either way, we should all salute her for bringing this impressive canine to our attention.

That's the ticket

On Saturday, the Houston Texans fired defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. In case you were wondering, he will not be renewing his box suite for the 2014 season. Like every senior citizen with a Twitter account, he publicly and politely shared this news in letter format.

No word on if he'll be purchasing any seats in the club level.

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