Buzz That Was: Lots of reasons to smile

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Johnny Manziel + millions of dollars = lots of fun for the Buzz.

In case you were too busy wondering who the people are that actually vote for the People's Choice Awards and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Johnny's money move

In a surprise move to absolutely no one, 2012 Heisman winner and Drake's BFF Johnny Manziel announced he was leaving Texas A&M to enter the NFL draft. In a letter to fans, the 21-year-old quarterback said the decision was "not an easy one" but it was the "right time" to become a professional football player. When exactly is it a bad time to make millions of dollars? I have no idea, as Manziel didn't elaborate on that thought. But it must be such a relief for him to finally make some money off of this football and fame thing.

Twitter responded swiftly and hilariously to the announcement because, duh.

With apologies in advance to whatever NFL city he graces with his presence, here's hoping Johnny Football brings his legendary partying antics to the next level. Mainly, so I always have something to write about for this column.

Lindsey's new love

After announcing that she's unable to compete in the Sochi Olympics next month due to her injured right knee, Lindsey Vonn suddenly has an unexpected amount of free time on her hands. So naturally she's hanging out with Leo, a new friend who's NOT named Tiger Woods. Before you start screaming "SCANDAL ALERT" at the top of your lungs and Googling pictures of Leo DiCaprio, this Leo is actually an adorable new puppy the skier just adopted from an animal shelter.

Like Vonn, Leo has a problematic knee -- though his is a result of being hit by a car. The two have obviously bonded quickly over their common injuries. While he might not be a gold medal, he's a pretty awesome consolation prize and is a 100 percent upgrade for Twitter and Instagram picture purposes.

The Gregg and Jeff show

The NBA's resident cranky uncle, Gregg Popovich, has made his epic, one-word interviews during games a thing of Internet legend. During the Spurs-Mavericks game on Wednesday, ESPN's Jeff Van Gundy was given the less-than-enviable task of talking to Popovich after the third quarter. Perhaps due to a 20-point lead, Popovich was not only friendly but even had a little, GASP, fun with the former coach.

Is it just me or do these two have all the makings of a People's Choice Award nominee for "TV Bromance"? Yes, that is an actual category.

Not-so-rowdy Rousey

On Wednesday, the UFC held a media luncheon in Los Angeles to promote next month's UFC 170. The fight's headliners, women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and challenger Sara McMann, were on hand to take questions and pose for super-staged photographs. And in perhaps the most shocking news since former NBA players agreed to go anywhere with Dennis Rodman, Rousey was SMILING AND LAUGHING while getting ready to take pictures with McMann.

Who is this Ronda Rousey, and what has she done with the one that wouldn't even shake Miesha Tate's hand after practically ripping off her arm?

Le Batard explains

Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas were announced as the latest inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday. Like every year, controversy surrounded those who didn't get in and the widely disliked voting method. One voter who will likely not be checking the box next to anyone's name in 2015, Dan Le Batard, host of ESPN TV show "Highly Questionable" and a longtime columnist for the Miami Herald, gave his vote to the readers of the website Deadspin in an act of protest. The decision naturally gained mixed but passionate reactions across the sports world. Le Batard joined "Mike and Mike" this morning to explain the move.

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