Buzz That Was: Things go sour in a hurry

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The basket didn't really shrink at halftime, but it must have seemed like it did to James Harden and the rest of the Rockets.

In case you were too busy wondering why the Jaden Smith classic "After Earth" didn't score an Oscar nomination and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Half bad

The Houston Rockets scored 73 points -- including 12 3-pointers -- in the first half on Thursday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Holding a 14-point lead to start the third quarter, the Rockets had a Kenya Moore from "Real Housewives of Atlanta"-style meltdown and scored a whopping 19 points in the ENTIRE second half. AND TWIRL. Houston not only lost, 104-92, but now has the dubious distinction of greatest point disparity between halves in NBA history with a 54-point margin. The Rockets themselves summed up the tale of two halves best on Twitter.

I never thought I'd say this, but that might actually be an insult to the horrific "The Godfather: Part III." Say what you want about the Rockets, as long as you don't say they're not self-aware. And if you're looking for another reason to rag on center Dwight Howard, clips of him being dunked on by Kevin Durant became all the rage on social media.

Will Howard-ing, in which a person absently minds his business as somebody dunks over his head, be the hot new trend in high school hallways? Probably. Coming soon to a Vine near you!

New kid in class

A new student joined the international marketing class at Boston College on Thursday. The roll call probably went something like, "Bailey, Katherine? Brennan, Michael? Bryant, Kobe? Is there a Kobe Bryant here?" Yes, THAT Kobe Bryant decided to drop by the class, despite never having taken the prerequisite. Luckily, his new classmates decided to excuse his lack of preparedness in exchange for being able to tweet and post "Kobe Bryant is in my class tonight. NBD" status updates on Facebook. The injured Bryant, in town because his Los Angeles Lakers take on the Boston Celtics on Friday night, never had the opportunity to attend college but tried to make up for it in one day. Minus, of course, the frat parties, lousy cafeteria food and having to make $25 last for three weeks.

His temporary classmates were naturally thrilled by his presence. Or maybe they were just shocked that an athlete actually came to class.

Across the pond

In a sentence that just looks wrong, the Brooklyn Nets are undefeated! In London, that is. After defeating the Atlanta Hawks 127-110 at the famed O2 Arena, the Nets improved to 3-0 across the pond. And while the crowd seemed entertained by the game, it was some guy named Paul McCartney who drew the loudest fan reaction, and an impromptu "Hey Jude" singalong.

Other English celebrities in attendance included the eighth wonder of the eyebrow world, model Cara Delevingne, Ellie Goulding and – EEEEEEEEEEEK -- Liam Payne from One Direction -- EEEEEEEEEEEK. Sorry, I think those adolescent screams of delight are required by law every time one speaks the name of a 1D-er.

It's gotta be the shoes

It's usually wise to avoid taking advice or life lessons from Tonya Harding, but Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry seemed inspired by Thursday's "30 for 30" on the disgraced former skater.

Let's hope it works out better for Curry than it did for Harding.

A loaded roster

Just a day after his inspiring performance in Jimmy Fallon's "August: Osage County" remake, New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia made another headline-grabbing move when he signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports. You may now throw up the roc hand gesture as a sign of respect.

Sabathia joins his former teammate Robinson Cano as well as Kevin Durant, Skylar Diggins, Victor Cruz and Geno Smith as athletes represented by the agency. With so many recognizable names on the Roc Nation Sports' roster, I think we've officially reached the point where we can all stop carrying about each and every signing.

Fruit and loops

Newly crowned national champion and Sochi-bound figure skater Gracie Gold wowed Jay Leno's audience on Thursday night. And she didn't even have to put on her skates. The 18-year- old showed off her unique ability to… juggle fruit. She really can do it all.

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