Buzz That Was: Circus Maximus


A Mozart sighting might not have even been the strangest thing at Super Bowl media day.

In case you were too busy getting your State of the Union on and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Media mayhem

The annual festival of the absurd, also known as Super Bowl media day, took place in Newark, N.J. Because why wouldn't you want athletes preparing for the biggest game of their lives to answer questions about the latest "Batman" casting or cities in Nebraska from someone dressed up as the 18th-century composer Mozart? Per usual, the day did not disappoint.

Not surprisingly, outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had a few people hoping to chat with him.

No question proved too ridiculous for Sherman, and he somehow managed to field everything thrown his way. And I mean, EVERYTHING. Including a question about strippers and rain. Media day, ladies and gentlemen!

While Sherman seemed to bask in the spotlight, the same could not be said for his teammate Marshawn Lynch. The running back reportedly chose not to sit at a designated podium and instead stayed near a wall where he tried to blend in with a hood and sunglasses. He spoke to reporters for a grand total of 6 minutes and 20 seconds, because someone was actually counting. He then gave an interview to the NFL Network's Deion Sanders, which immediately went viral.

He's just all about that action, boss. While the action is all well and good, this picture perhaps sums up Tuesday's circus most accurately.

You bet!

For those of you who like to throw away your money, er, hypothetical money, the online gaming website Bovada released its prop bets for Super Bowl XLVIII. And sure, you could put mon bragging rights on the line for the final outcome, total passing yards or the game's MVP, but there are some other pressing questions that deserve your attention. Will Bruno Mars wear a hat? Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the national anthem? Will the word "marijuana" be said during the broadcast? Will Michael Crabtree tweet at Richard Sherman at any point during the game? And you thought the ridiculousness ended with media day.

Taking Peyton's place

Move over, Peyton Manning. Omaha has a new hero and he -- gasp! -- actually lives in town. On Tuesday night, Creighton forward Doug McDermott scored a season-high 39 points – including a game-clinching 3-pointer with 2.5 seconds to play -- to lift the Bluejays to a 63-60 win over St. John's.

No word if McDermott is the city's second choice for tourism representative if Manning turns them down.

Raggedy Andy

Like many of us, former tennis player Andy Roddick watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday night and did his best Jay-Z impression after the rapper won an award. Unlike many of us, Roddick's impression was filmed by his supermodel spouse and was immediately shared by thousands on social media.

He might want to work on his impersonation skills before the Academy Awards. I shudder to think what his Robert DeNiro impression sounds like.

Zip it

Lolo Jones and Elana Meyers show you how to properly put on the Team USA bobsled uniform you will… never be wearing.

Help from your friends

In "It really pays off to be a famous person with famous friends" news, Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was rescued on the city's snowy roads Tuesday night after sitting in traffic for more than five hours. By none other than former teammate Chipper Jones. Freeman tweeted about his predicament and Jones grabbed his ATV and finest camo and burst into action.

Apologies to those of you who spent the entire evening camped out in your car as you tried to get home because you don't have any professional baseball player friends.

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