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Julius Randle and the Wildcats didn't crack the top 25 this week, but that didn't cause any pause for Tyler Austin Black.

In case you were too busy making your #whaling Vine video and missed out on sports, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed last night.

Bold move

The Kentucky Wildcats have had a disappointing season and are not even currently ranked in the Top 25. According to the Las Vegas Hotel, the team has 30/1 odds to win the NCAA title. After starting the season at No. 1 but going just 12-6 in SEC play, most Wildcats fans have tempered their expectations entering the Big Dance. But somehow, 22-year old fan Tyler Austin Black decided to ignore those silly numbers and everyone's mom's best advice and marked himself FOR LIFE on Thursday with a large leg tattoo proclaiming the team 2014 national champions.

Black told's Darren Rovell that he will not cover up or remove the "2014" portion of the tattoo should Kentucky not win the title, explaining it will serve as a reminder of the year "so many thought we could do it and we didn't." OK then.

Spoiler alert: It's going to be a little awkward for a lifetime or so of walking around with a laughable and false tattoo on his leg. But I'm sure his future grandkids will find it super cool and all one day.

Still magic

Just in case your calendar wasn't a reliable enough source, Seton Hall proved March is definitely here on Thursday with its incredible last-second upset over No. 3 Villanova in a Big East quarterfinal. Down one with time expiring, Sterling Gibbs hit a jumper to give the eighth-seeded Pirates a 64-63 victory over the top-seeded Wildcats.

While the Big East has seen countless changes over the past year, it's comforting to see the conference tournament still has the same level of excitement and drama that we've all come to know and love. And cheer up 'Nova fans, at least Jay Wright will have plenty of time to pick out his suits for the NCAA tournament.

Going bananas

If you were wondering what that disturbing noise around 8 p.m. ET last night was, it was the collective gagging sound of everyone on Twitter as they read about Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s favorite type of sandwich.

March 13, 2014: The first day in recorded history someone found a way to gross out every single person on the internet. #NeverForget

Backed into a corner

A day after taking to Twitter to argue with an NFL writer about Darrelle Revis being the best corner in the NFL, a desperately-in-need-of-a-hobby Richard Sherman was back on Thursday for two more debates. In his first feud of the day, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback traded words with free agent running back LeGarrette Blount after he called newly-signed Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib, wait for it, the best in the league. It starts off innocently enough but quickly escalates.

After what seemed like 4,589 tweets, Sherman ended the conversation once and for all by pointing out that whole Super Bowl champion thing.

But, alas, Sherman still had plenty of free time and more things to say, so he found another player to fight with. After receiving three tweets from Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, Sherman turned his attention to Hall's stats and comments.

Their conversation went on for so long, even those who live for Twitter feuds (and by that, I mean me) lost interest. It concluded after Chad Johnson got involved and the two made peace. Well, sort of. Sherman has since deleted some of his final tweets so I'm not sure if we should be expecting a Round 2 at some point today. Yawn.

While I applaud Sherman's self-confidence and passion, I think it might be time for him to step back from the computer for a minute.

Grand finale

The word "exciting" probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when hearing about a four-overtime game with a 49-46 final score. But this 60-foot buzzer-beater from Amir Coffey in Hopkins High School's win over Shakopee in a Minnesota Class 4A semifinal might make you rethink that.

Did I mention it's from 60 FEET OUT? Just have to hope Amir wasn't injured after all of his teammates jumped on him. I think you guys might need him for the championship game.

It Ain't Me Babe

In the strangest friendship news since Meryl Streep and 50 Cent were spotted together courtside, Manny Pacquiao posted a picture of himself with Bob Dylan after his Thursday training session.

Hopefully this moment was just done as a gift to the Internet and not because they were meeting to discuss future musical collaborations.

Sleeper pick

Just how bad were the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night? Not only did they get humiliated by the Oklahoma City Thunder 131-102, but they put Charles Barkley to sleep. And not just figuratively. Barkley was the picture of professionalism as he began to nod off on set. Naturally, the TNT crew had some thoughts about his unexpected slumber.

Thankfully, he did manage to stay awake to catch the latest episode of "Scandal." Whew.

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