Biellmann, Nichol make skating HOF

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Innovative skater Denise Biellmann of Switzerland and renowned choreographer Lori Nichol of Canada have been elected to the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Biellmann, the 1981 world and European champion, is known for developing the "Biellmann Spin" that is now one of the most-recognized elements of the sport. She joins Axel Paulsen, Alois Lutz and Ulrich Salchow in having an iconic move named after her. She also is credited as the first woman to land a triple lutz in competition.

Nichol has choreographed programs for 10 Olympic medalists (three gold, two silver, five bronze) representing five nations. At the Sochi Games, Nichol choreographed programs for 11 single skaters and one pairs team, representing seven countries.

Among the skaters she has worked with are 2010 Olympic champion Evan Lysacek and five-time world champion Michelle Kwan.

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