Buzz That Was: Swings and stings

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Pablo Larrazabal was actually aiming for the water hazard on Friday at the Malaysian Open.

In case you were too busy shaking your head at the premise of the new "I Wanna Marry Harry" reality show, we've got you covered. Here's everything you missed.

Birdies and bees

WORST NIGHTMARE ALERT: During Friday's second round of the Malaysian Open, Pablo Larrazabal was attacked by a SWARM OF HORNETS. Describing the flying agents of horror as "three times the size of bees," the Spanish golfer ran, but the hornets followed. And stung. Larrazabal eventually jumped into the lake at the advice of other golfers.

While I plot ways to NEVER GO OUTSIDE AGAIN, Larrazabal somehow continued his round in his soaked clothes after receiving medical attention. Several holes later, the HORNETS RETURNED, prompting the immediate production of Syfy's next made-for-cable classic. He changed into a dry, borrowed shirt and shot a remarkable 4-under-par 68 and is 2 under for the tournament. He reflected on the day's unbelievable events from his insect-free hotel room.

While Larrazbal is recovering and hoping the hornets don't return for the third round, I feel quite certain I'll be seeing these creatures in some sort of night terror later on.


Did you know the Toronto Raptors play in Canada? Don't answer that. Regardless, the team decided to play up the whole "we're the only team in the country!" angle with a video called "#WeTheNorth" ahead of its opening-round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets.

While I'm disappointed to not see or hear any Tim Hortons references, I'm more frightened by the amount of fires and stray wolf dogs that seem to run the streets. No wonder Drake didn't want to be a part of this clip.

From ring to diamond

Mike Tyson threw out the first pitch at the Milwaukee Brewers-Pittsburgh Pirates game on Thursday, and it was surprisingly impressive. Like Mike Tyson-at-the-Charlie Sheen-roast-level impressive.

Never one to shy away from his past, Tyson went on to pretend to bite Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez's ear. Because nothing says "hilarious night at the ballpark" like trying to re-create that time a body part was essentially ripped off Evander Holyfield's head.

Color me happy

The St. Louis Blues needed three overtimes to claim Game 1 of their opening-round playoff series against the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks, marking the longest playoff game in Blues history. Fans can thank Alexander Steen for making sure their late-night support was not in vain.

Here's proof that most of the fans were able to stay awake.

The beautiful video

The Seattle Reign opened their season with a 3-0 win over the Boston Breakers on Sunday. If you didn't catch the game, filmmaker Scott Levy captured everything from the warm-ups to the final buzzer in an epically beautiful short. Hope Solo and Megan Rapinoe both tweeted this video link, so you KNOW it has to be good.

Could this guy film every sporting event for the next eternity or so?

Boatload of fun

Richard Sherman pretty much won #TBT yesterday with a picture of himself as a tot with his family. In the photo, the now-Seattle Seahawks CB (then-adorable child) and his siblings are all wearing the sailor-inspired, nautical wear that I'm starting to think every child of the 1980s was required to sport.

Athletes really are just like us!

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